Groups happen in 3, two-month sessions

Session 1: October – November
Session 2: January – February
Session 3: April – May

Groups at Heartland are designed to meet in homes once a week, to discuss the previous weekend’s teaching and how best to apply it to our lives. Groups come together to get to know each other, support and care for each other, and pray for one another.

For more information on how to start OR join a group, check out our Growth Groups page (button below) or email

Why Groups at Heartland?

We, as a species, are designed to experience life with others. We need other people in our life to encourage us, challenge us, hold us up when life is difficult, celebrate with us when life is good, tell us when we have spinach in our teeth, and much more.

So, we deeply value community at Heartland. Obviously there is a great deal of community that happens every weekend at Heartland before, during, and after each service, but as we say a lot around here:

“Community happens better in circles than in rows.”

Meaning: our desire is that every person experiences true community- authentic relationships during the week, in their every-day life, not just on a weekend at church.

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