When they know how their brains work, they can use it to their advantage for greater success in school and out of school. Our goal is to create an enriching learning environment that focuses on building faith, social-emotional skills and mindful brain and self awareness during the largest period of neurological development, the preschool years. We strive to create an outstanding learning environment where children learn and grow in all developmental areas.

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The fun is this way!

Calling all 3, 4 and 5-year-olds to join us for Preschool Summer Space Camp, June 10th-14th from 9:00am - 11:45am.

Pack a snack and join Miss Michelle and Miss Erin on a space adventure in learning all about how we can be "out of this world" with kindness and gratitude. Learning about kindness and gratitude can boost brain development and a greater understanding of God’s love for us. This fun camp includes art, music, motor skill play, science, mindful movement, and more! We will also spend time exploring our giant indoor playground.

For more information, email MichelleJones@theheartlandpreschool.com
*children who are three by June 7th may attend this camp. Camp is for 3, 4 and 5-year-old kids who are potty trained.

“With an emphasis on mindful curriculum, our daughter grew much more than just academically. What she has learned socially and emotionally she has applied with the rest of the family at home. There is something so special about Miss Erin and Miss Michelle and I cannot say enough great things about them.”  
-Jill, parent

“I see her applying the kindness and sharing with her little sister a lot. The biggest thing has been that she can tell she’s having an amygdala moment and will go to her quiet place on her home, take deep breaths and calm herself.”
-Sandy, parent

“Miss Michelle and Miss Erin did an amazing job with helping our son and set the bar high for the rest of his education journey.”  -Tori, parent

“We also have a big focus on kindness and compassion in our home, but having this further modeled and emphasized at school has been great for our son.” -Melissa (Shutwell), parent

“We are so glad to have our son have Miss Erin and Miss Michelle. He learned positive ways to deal with daily interactions and was able to have fun while learning to be kind and mindful at the same time. Such a positive first experience.” -Sandra, parent

“I’ve noticed a huge change in how my son regulates his emotions. He tries to take a deep breath and slow down before he speaks, especially if he’s been told something he doesn’t like.”

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