Child Dedications
Sunday June 16th, 2024
9am & 10:30am

Child Dedication is more than an event.

It is an opportunity for you to take some time along your journey, as a parent, to really think about what will matter the most in the life of your child; to really talk together and to decide what you value and what you can do today that will have the greatest impact on your child’s future.

It’s also a time for friends and family to gather around parents and commit to doing their part to help raise their children to know Jesus.

Pastor Jon McNary will join parents and their children on stage and talk about the meaning of each child's name, read a chosen Bible verse for and pray over them. Join us for this significant day! 
Every room and experience have been tailored for the exact age of your kids!

We are committed to bringing an experience that’s filled with excellence, engagement and involvement for babies to 5th graders and we strive to provide an environment that speaks to your kids!

In addition, Kids’ Team Members have been through a background check and there is a security system in place so parents can head to church with a sense of peace and confidence.

Want to be in-the-know with everything your kiddos are learning in our classrooms?! Want to know how to engage with them about what they have learned? Click below for our monthly Parent Cue!

We love to do awesome events from time to time! So be sure to check out our upcoming events calendar to see what fun is on the calendar!

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6 weeks to 12 months (pre-walkers) &
12 to 24 months (walkers)

Your little ones are loved and cared for in a room designed just for them. They get to play in a safe space with age appropriate toys and volunteers that love spending time with them.
2 & 3 year olds
Your little ones will learn while they play. Each week the kiddos will be playing games, worshiping, and making a craft, all to help them remember both that week's Bible story and that month's Bible verse. It's all age-appropriate, designed just for them.
4 & 5 Year Olds
Every game, every craft and every activity is designed to help your kiddo head home remembering the Bible story that they heard and the Bible verse that they learned. And not only will they learn motions to their Bible verse, but they'll also move and groove to worship songs. It's all been designed just for them.
K & 1st Grade
There is lots of fun and learning waiting for your young elementary kiddos. Each week they'll participate in games, crafts and activities, all with the goal of helping them remember that week's Bible story and that month's Bible verse. They'll all experience worship along with everything else; all of which has been designed just for their age.
2nd & 3rd Grade
It's an hour of fun and learning for your 2nd and 3rd grader. Every activity, game, craft, worship song, Bible story and Bible verse has been chosen and designed just for them. They may not know it, but each week they'll head home having learned another great truth about God, Jesus and the Bible.
4th & 5th Grade
Your preteen is in for an hour of activities and games designed just for them, to reinforce the truth that the Bible can help them live their best life and that scripture will guide them along the way. Through the "So and So Show," worship and discussion, and everything in between, our hope is that they head home knowing and loving God a little more each week through an experience that has been designed just for them.
Wonderfully Made
Heartland Kids loves and welcomes every kiddo that walks through our door - kids of all shapes and sizes and abilities! We are thrilled to provide a ministry for our kids with special needs! To find out all about it, head on over to our Wonderfully Page.
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