Part of the narrative of life is that we fall short at times.  This is nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact, God teaches us that this will happen to us all!  We all encounter trials and difficulties. And in those times, we can curl up in despair—or we can partner with the body of Christ who will provide strength, encouragement, and hope. The Heartland Compassion Team exists to be that outstretched hand; a steady support so you can stand back to your feet. Our team will listen to your story, look at your situation objectively, and offer practical, wise steps to help put you on a better path.  This does not mean that we will offer financial assistance to all, but rather, do our best to be a resource that is constant in your life and determine what type of assistance we can provide.

What Does Heartland Compassion Team Offer?
After an assessment of your specific situation, the Heartland Compassion Team will offer specific assistance in one of four areas (listed below).  You will never get a “no” from the Church.  However, you may receive support that looks different from your initial desire.  We pray that the Heartland Compassion Team can be a loving and consistent resource for you and/or your family.  When you reach out to the Heartland Compassion Team you can expect:
  • A one-on-one conversation with a Compassion Team volunteer, who will listen to your story and provide basic pastoral support.
  • Wise counsel about which category of assistance will help improve your situation, and help you grow emotionally and spiritually.
  • Prayer and encouragement.
The Heartland Compassion Team will offer one, or more, of the following categories of support:
  1. One-Time Financial Assistance
  2. Financial Planning Assistance
  3. Spiritual Assistance
  4. External Resource Assistance
Category 1: One-time Financial Assistance
There are times in life where we find ourselves in need of a financial blessing to bridge the gap.  Perhaps this is because of a decision we made or an external circumstance that finds us in a time of need.  Regardless of the reason, there are times when a one-time financial blessing will bridge the gap to future sustainability.
  • Heartland Compassion Team will not provide cash, only gift cards, gift certificates or direct pay (i.e., to gas bill, mortgage, rental, etc.)
  • You may apply for one-time financial assistance a maximum of twice per calendar year.
Category 2: Financial Planning Assistance
Heartland Compassion Team believes that the bible teaches the importance of sustainable stewardship of our finances.  At times, a one-time financial blessing will not help create a sustainable solution.  In those times, we desire to offer a starting point for strategic financial planning.
  • Heartland Compassion Team will connect you with a volunteer trained in Christian financial planning for a one-on-one consultation to assess your current financial situation and provide guidance moving forward into financial freedom.
  • Heartland Compassion Team is not responsible for the outcome of any financial advice given.  This consultation is volunteer-based and designed as a guide and support.
  • You may apply for Financial Planning Assistance a maximum of twice per calendar year.
Category 3: Spiritual Assistance
God teaches, “So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”(2 Corinthians 4:18)  The Heartland Compassion Team believes that behind our financial struggles often lie deeper rooted spiritual challenges.  Although the practical struggles of life are very real and not to be overlooked, we believe there is GREAT HOPE in understanding the healing and freedom that God can offer at the core of our challenges.
  • Heartland Compassion Team will connect you with a trained Pastor to offer encouragement and hope from the truth that God loves and Compassions for you and promises to see you through your current circumstances.
  • You may apply for Spiritual Assistance at any time. 
Category 4: Resource Assistance
There may be times when the resources needed for a specific situation or challenge is better served by an organization or resource outside of Heartland’s walls.  In these times, Heartland Compassion Team is blessed to be well-connected in the Sun Prairie community and happy to offer a list of resources that may meet your specific need.

  • Heartland Compassion Team will provide a list of local resources, including contact information that may be able to meet your specific need.
  • A Compassion Team Member will offer one-on-one assistance to help navigate the resource list.
  • You may apply for Resource Assistance at any time.
For a list of community resources, click the link below:
 If you would like to receive an application for the Compassion process, please fill out the form below: