Next Step at Heartland


Much like we would take steps to become physically, mentally, or emotionally healthier through things like exercise, school, or reading an insightful book, the Bible talks about the need to intentionally seek to develop our faith and relationship with God as well! We have been given the invitation to take steps in our spiritual growth.

Our desire is that every person would seek greater nourishment; that every person
would consistently seek to grow closer to God and to be transformed by Him, more into the person He created us to be.

Our Next Step ministry is meant to help with exactly that! Our hope is that through one (or more) of these steps, you can and will grow in you faith and relationship with God. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, there is a “next step” you can take.

The four steps towards spiritual growth that you can find through Heartland are:






At deeply value community at Heartland.  We need other people in our life to encourage us, challenge us, hold us up when life is difficult, celebrate with us when life is good, tell us when we have spinach in our teeth, and much more.

There are four ways to engage in community at Heartland:


We know that serving others is the best way to give us new perspective, live lives with purpose and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. So we unapologetically encourage serving around here!

ALSO- The best answer to the question: “How do I meet people?” is to serve!

At Heartland, we refer to our volunteers as our TEAM- because we couldn’t do what we
do without our TEAM showing up every week. If you’re new to Heartland or the
area and are looking to connect with those in the community, the best way you can
do that is to join The Team here at Heartland and serving alongside some amazing
people! To join The Team simply click the link below and see all the teams to get involved with at Heartland! 

For serving opportunities in the community, click the link below:


We believe that the Bible is living and active and has the power to change our lives,
so studying God’s Word and letting what is says sink it and changes us is necessary
in our spiritual growth.

While there are many great ways to do this, as part of the Next Step ministry, we
offer what we call: Family Study Live!

Family Study Live! is an online video study that happens via FaceBook, starting this fall. Whether you’re 6 or 106, this video study is meant to help individuals and families dive deeper in their study of God’s Word while facilitating conversation with each other about life, faith, and the Bible.

Stay tuned for more details!


Jesus taught more about money than He did about heaven and hell combined. The
reason being: He understood that nothing would be more efficient than money at
distracting us from the Lord. Because of this, Jesus championed generosity in a huge
way, and so do we!

In Matthew 6:22, Jesus says that when we live lives that are generous, our whole
body is “filled with light.” Therefore, we believe that one of the most significant
steps we can take to grow spiritually, is to challenge our own generosity. 
The Bible frequently talks about giving 10% (a “tithe”) of our income as an act of
worship, obedience, and generosity. If you’d like more information about tithing and
what it means, checkout the teaching below from Jon McNary on tithing. 

You can also look at the  Heartland Giving Page or view a teaching series from Northpoint Church by Andy Stanley called  “How to be Rich.”  

During this season at Heartland, 100% of what is given is going towards Deep and
Wide, which is a 2 year campaign (ending in the summer of 2020) that will support
the weekly ministry done in and through Heartland, as well as enable us to double
the size of our building and increase the impact on the community of Sun Prairie and
surrounding area.
For more information, head to the  Deep and Wide Website or use the following links
to view each teaching from our “Deep and Wide” teaching series.


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